My Barred Rock and BSL Flock is 19 1/2 weeks Old... Getting Very Close!!!

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    May 24, 2016
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    Hello Everyone!

    Just wanted to update the status of my flock! They are 19 1/2 weeks old and two of them appear to be VERY close to their first eggs!!

    Here's Ariel (Barred Rock) - Very red comb and wattles and just started the submissive squat three days ago!!

    Here's Copper (Black Sex Link) - Wattles and comb are also red and her first submissive squat was four days ago!

    Here's Betsy (Barred Rock) - Here comb and wattles are still rather small, but they are getting more color everyday and she did her first submissive squat yesterday.

    Here's Sweetie (Black Sex Link) - A fair amount of comb and wattles, but no submissive squats yet.

    Here's Raven (Black Sex Link) - She's about the same as Sweetie, not interested in squatting.

    Here's Lovie (Barred Rock) - Just started to "pink up", so it seem like it will be a while before she's ready to lay.

    And a parting shot of the Fluffy Tu Tu Chicken Ballet!!!

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