My birds are finally here


8 Years
Mar 22, 2012
Watertown CT
So this past Friday I got a call from the local feed store where I placed my order for 15 Cornish X your chicks are ready for pick up.

Well the feed store buys their chickens from Welp hatchery, they had a few black spots on them so that threw me off thinking that they are not Cornish X. well I bring them home and as soon as they hit the ground they started eating ok so that answers that LOL

I put my name on the list if others did not pick up I would take more. Well I now have 31 Chicks and I built another chicken tractor as the one I built was only for 15.

Here are a few pics of the day I brought them home

The are SO CUTE! I am glad mine all look alike, except for being able to tell roos from pullets, so I don't get attached.

Sounds like you got a few more than you were bargaining for, but when they are all put up in the freezer, you will be SO glad that you have that many. I just hope you are planning to butcher in stages, unless you have lots of help. I have six that my husband and I will process this weekend or next, and I think that will be plenty for me for starters.

Congratulations on your new brood! Are these your first meaties?
This is my first time yes, I plan on doing them at 8 and 9 weeks the smallest ones will go on for another week but by my figure I can do 10-15 myself in one day. I could do more but then it feels like work LOL

I have raised turkeys before and did them 8-10 a day

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