My birds won't come outside??


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Mar 13, 2013
I'm new to chickens, and I recently built a coop mad fully enclosed run for my 16 chicks. They are 7 weeks old and I moved them out to the coop on Thursday. I left the door to the run closed for two days to let them get used to the new surroundings then on Saturday morning I opened the door to the run and moved their food and water outside? They seem to be afraid to go down the ramp. Is 30 degrees too steep ? the coop is raised 3 ft and the ramp is 7 feet long with treads every 9 inches.

Help I hope I don't have to take them out and put them back in every night.
You will need to teach them it sounds like. I also have youngins who were 10 weeks yesterday and everything I read said to wait till 10 weeks before putting them out so they can get all of their feathers and a fully developed immune system. I've been told that at first you have to show them the roost and how it works. They will get it. Try raising the plank by putting a pot underneath the lower end. If they still seem unsure you can cover it with hardware cloth to give them better footing. They are still pretty young and will eventually pick it up. That's what I've learned anyway. I also have 2 spoiled hens almost a year old as well. Very spoiled.

Lots of chicks are afraid of their new surroundings. You can lure them out with some mealworms on the ramp, you can always place them on the ramp and see where they go, or just take them all out into the run area and then physically put them back in occasionally. They will get the hang of it. I don't think it is the steepness of the ramp that is scaring them. They are still just babies and are scared. They will get the hang of it eventually.

Good luck with your new babies! :)
Thank you all. I just went out to put the babies up for the night. As fast as I could get them in the coop they were back out on the ramp trying to get out. I think I have the coming out part covered. Now just need them to get the hang of going in at dark

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