My Black frizzle fell into my swimming pool,,,,,

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  1. surfdanapt

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    Mar 16, 2013
    We scooped her out, dryered her off, then I used a hair dryer on her, which she loved, but hasnt laid an egg since.
    Her sister is broody and a total ***** too, so Im kidda at my wits end, since my other 3 aren't laying on a reg basis either.
    I was getting 4 eggs a day for at least 6 weeks straight. Now everyone's going crazy.

    I did cut their lite source back, since of DST in california....but thats about it....

    Both of my frizzy's have bare chests too and 4 days ago I found 7 eggs under one of them.


    Also, why cant I post pictures?

    darn it....
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    Bare chest usually mean your hen has quit laying and gone broody. They want to be mammas!
  3. surfdanapt

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    Mar 16, 2013
    so does that mean the others will stop too? Yikes...Im new at the chick deal. raised just about everything else in the world except chicks and these little chicks are making me nuts, if they werent so **** cute...

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