My Boy is Crowing -- At 6 and 1/2 Weeks Old !

Barry Natchitoches

11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Most of the 23 remaining Ameraucana chicks I got from John Blehm 6 weeks ago are outside in their own chicken tractor and play yard, but I was concerned about one little one (who I strongly suspected was a cockerel because of the distinctiveness of the black and white in his feathers). Just to make sure he was OK, I brought him inside last night, along with another bird that I also strongly suspected was a male Silver Ameraucana.

Well, I was right -- they're male.

I've heard at least eight or ten baby boy crows over the last three hours. These are NOT peeps -- they are the beginner crows of a baby boy rooster who is just beginning to learn how to crow.

I remember hearing my Easter Egger boy crow at eight weeks, back two years ago when DaddyRoo was a baby. But this is even earlier than DaddyRoo's first attempt at crowing.
You haven't lived until you've heard a five DAY old chick crow. The first time, I was perplexed by its actions and my DH hit the nail on the head "looks like it's trying to crow". Sure enough, it stood tall, stretched up its little neck and screeched "buh-REEEET!". Since then, have had a few one week old chicks crow and they all were sure enough males. Many of my BRs used to start crowing at 6-9 weeks. I currently have a coop full of going-on-eight-week olds and am just waiting for that first screechy crow from one of them.

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