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Oct 28, 2011
Tehama, Nor Cal (way nor)

Here are my first two occupants. Modern Game bantams that I just received on Fri, May 25.
I really like open air coops but I want my breeding pen to be as comfortable as possible, so I was thinking of putting a door on it. The shelter is 4ft deep, 5ft wide, and 6ft at the high and 5ft at the low of the roof. It is all recycled wood from a lady who tore down her goat milking shed. The fence panel with the solid sheet I got from my family ranch and the others I picked up on Craigslist. I used the solid sheet panel on that one side because I anticipate adding on and I don't want the roosters to be fence fighting constantly. The nest box I got with a cage that someone was breeding parrots in.
What do ya think? Opinions, suggestions, any thoughts at all welcome...

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May 20, 2012
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it looks great. But i think i would close the front in to keep rain and wind out. you could put a small door on the front for the birds to get in and a door for you on the out side. just my 2cents. But it still looks good.

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