My broken legged-chicken story


11 Years
Apr 2, 2008
So, I have a beautiful little brown leghorn. One of my favs, 3 years old and still laying strong. So, one morning I find a dead chicken in the coop and my leghorn's leg swinging. The leg was broken, clean, up by the hip (the femur, near the hip head). No blood or wounds.

I was advised to put it down or splint it. When I couldn't catch her (she fluttered and hopped on her other leg) I didn't want to hurt her anymore. I decided to watch her and let her take her chance. Put her in a safe horse stall with water and food.

Long story short, she has recovered! She still limps, no doubt, but she is again out and about with the flock. She was only on one leg for about 4 weeks. She started using it cautiously. It is amazing how well instinct took over, like she was doing her own physical therapy.

just my .02 in case someone has a similar case. This worked for me, and I wish i had known that they can recover.
That's good to hear, thank you for sharing! I have a GLW rooster, Earl is his name. Well, when he was a bit younger, I was keeping them separated from the flock, but one of my larger hens, Freckles the Speckled Sussex, somehow got into his smaller room in the coop and beat the crap out of him. He began limping. I thought he would heal, but now he's fully grown, and his knee is just, well, it's loose and wobbly. He seems to get around OK though, with his girlfriend, Penny the Barred Rock. So I've been worried about whether I should cull or not because I'm wondering if he's suffering.......I keep holding off....he eats, drinks, crows in the morning......I really really want him to get better. He's very sweet.

Your story gave me hope, and thanks again for sharing. Your chicken's injury sounds much more severe than my I will just let him carry on and keep a watchful eye on him.

Thanks again for sharing!
Thank you for your story. I have one now with a broken leg, it sounds like it broke in the same area as yours. She is currently in a rabbit cage in my house with her leg splinted. I hope she recovers as well as yours!

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