My broodie is off the nest!

mom wewantchicks!

11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
i have a broodie silkie, she is in the main coop with everything in a tote on its side with a screen to keep the others out. well today she is completly off the nest. someone must have knocked over the screen and she is just out walking in the yard with everyone else. she has only been sitting about a week and its about 75 degrees right now. will this be ok? will she go back to the nest or do i need to go get her,put her back and make her stay!?!
Depends upon how long she is off the eggs. The hen does not normally leave the eggs for more than 20 minutes, but occasionally it is longer Eggs can seem to go quite cold and still hatch though.
Try to re-erect the screen and get her to go back to her eggs (she may just do so anyway)

Good Luck,
I've seen my broody hens off their nest for as long as an hour and they've all had successful hatches. Make sure her nest is back open so she can get in there and wait and see. I bet she'll get her fill and head back in. Good luck!

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