My Broody has 2 chicks...I took care of the third one :(


12 Years
Jan 8, 2008
South Dakota
My morning DID NOT get off to a good start, lol! Usually, when DH is home, I will make calf bottles, and he will go out with Austin, and feed them. I usually stay in and get Gabe's meds and neb going. Austin decided to sleep in this morning, so I got up quick, threw on coveralls, and headed out to help. I decided to check on my broody girl in the garage, before jumping on the Kubota. She had one chick hatched as of last night.

So I open the cage door, and notice a little different smell...thinking an egg was seeping or something. I lift her up, and all of a sudden, "Pop!" Mmm, yeah-I have just experienced my first exploding rotten egg. Where is the vomit smiley when you need it! My word, that was horrid, and I kept smelling it through the day, it was stuck in my nose. Ick. So anyway, yeah, I didn't candle towards the end, like I should have. Two of them ended up exploding.

The part that really bothered me though, was when I went to lift her and the chick out, so I could clean the cage quick. Two of the eggs left apparently were sticking to her underside, cause they fell and hit the garage floor
One was cracked, and I could hear the little fella peeping, and feel it moving, so I put it back, also with the other one, which I saw a little movement with. I just went out a few minutes ago, and the first one I described has broken out of it's broken shell, but the other one, I don't see anymore movement. So I killed my first chick

I guess I should be happy she has what looks to be two healthy little fuzzballs, but I still feel bad.
Sorry for all the unpleasantness and your loss. You have probably just prevented someone else (namely me) from making the same mistake....that is if one of my hens will ever go BROODY! Congratulations on the two live chicks.

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