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    My hen is a first time broody and she has a clutch of six eggs. The eggs range from day seven to day fifteen. I am concerned that she will hatch the oldest eggs, lose patience, and abandon the rest. Is this a reasonable concern? This is my first hatch so I don't know what to expect. My broody is a black austrolorp which I hear is a good broody breed, Should I be concerned at all?
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    Yes! this is a legitimate concern. I would have an incubator ready in case she abandons the nest. And also since shes a first time broody i would closely monitor her with her chicks to see how she does with them... be prepared to raise them yourself just in case.

    Good Luck!
  3. Southernbelle

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    Typically, a broody hen will sit for about 2 days after the first egg hatches. After that, she has to get up and feed the chicks or they'll weaken and die. Anything that doesn't hatch in that 2 days she figures were bad eggs and she gives up on them.

    A broody doesn't understand a staggered hatch, so I usually advise people to remove new eggs other hens lay in her nest once she's started sitting. You'll either need to take the younger eggs and finish incubating them in an incubator or you could try removing the chicks as they hatch in hopes she'll continue sitting. She may still get up 2 days after the first chick hatches regardless of whether you remove the chick or not, so my reccommendation is to move the younger eggs to an incubator.

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