My broody is gonna kill her eggs if she keeps it up!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by BarkerChickens, Jan 20, 2010.

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    My broody is in a community nest, so other hens lay near her. Her eggs are marked and I remove other eggs daily. Moving her is not an option since our brooder coop is a 3-season, so she needs to be in the main coop for now. We have tried moving her before, but all it does is break her broodiness. She is awfully picky (forget the wire mesh bottom kennel idea to break broodiness! Just move this hen to a more desirable, freshly filled (wood chips) nest especially for her and her future babies and nah....not gonna hatch! [​IMG]

    Anyway, she started with 10 eggs, now 9 since one must not have been fertile (did not develop whatsoever). The remaining 9 are 10 days old as of the 21st. Occasionally she moves her eggs to a new spot in the nest...she started in the middle ('cause a broody hen apparently needs a 2' x 3' nesting box [​IMG] ). She moved to the back right she is in the front right corner (darker corner). Anyway...she she moves, she tends to leave an egg...or two....or three...out with the non-hatching eggs. I shove them back under her as soon as I find them, but they are of course cold be then. [​IMG] She immediately takes them (like I took them from her to begin with! [​IMG] ) and puts in the middle of the eggs. At least she is smart enough to do that...I wish she'd just keep the darn things under her! She is young (9 mos old) and never hatched (how else do think we learned how to break her! We put her in the brooder coop last time), so I know she will get better with time (well, hopefully anyway). She is gentle with the eggs and good about turning them...but apparently she forgets to keep them with her. I candled the eggs yesterday and all seemed to be at the same stage, so I think her first few cold ones weren't cold long enough. [​IMG] Todays though? Ehh....we'll see.

    If she keeps it up, she won't have any chicks!

    edited to add, my broody is a mottled Java. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Well you know us first time mothers, Gotta live and learn, but don't ya wish that they would come out with a book written in chickenese for these new little mommas! It would sure make our job a little simpler, LOL Just Joking, Ive never had a broody yet hoping someone will be up for the job this spring though! Im sure counting on one of my 6 cochin girls as that what i really got them for and there looks of course! Good luck to you and your girl on a good hatch, it all about the teamwork!!
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    You don't say what kind of chicken it is, so I can only assume that it should be a good setter. If she doesn't take to it better in the coming days I wouldn't leave the eggs with her again. You'll just have to live with whatever happens.
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    Storm Lady, a book would be great! Rule #1...keep eggs under you at ALL times (with the exception of bathroom breaks, eating and dirt baths!). [​IMG]

    Apprentice_egger, you are right I didn't mention it! She is a mottled Java, which, from what I read, Javas are great (and frequent) setters. [​IMG] I will add it to the first post for future reference! Thanks for bring it to my attention!!

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