My Buffs look different?


Feb 21, 2018
Brandon, Florida
Ok so disclaimer, there’s a good chance one of these is a little boy. Straight run Buff Orpingtons from TSC. They just look so different to me. Their faces look the same, but one has much more developed wings yet a smaller body (Cluck Norris) the other has a bigger body, bigger booty, yet tiny little wings (Queen Lollipop) We got them both on 3/15 and they were a “few days” old. So I guess they are supposed to be about 7-8 days right now. Do you think one of them is a little boy and that’s why they look so different? Or do you think they are two different breeds despite being sold as Buffs? Queen Lollipop’s body shape and lack of wings remind me very much of my Golden Sex Link, Esmeralda, but I don’t know. I know they are still very young and it’s too early to tell sex for sure, but they just look so very different to me. Thoughts?

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