My Buff's style of laying an egg


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Feb 14, 2016
These Buffs are about 8 months old. One of them just lays wherever she wants to. I recently put up a camera, and this is what I found, check out her style of laying...
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Looks like she has no warning or whatever the body is telling her about an egg needs to be layed.

I have had several of mine lay eggs in strange places - even one going down the chicken ramp - but those were all the very first eggs for each pullet. How long has she been laying?
They've all been laying for around a couple months. She will lay in the nesting boxes often as well. But about once every few days I'll find one randomly laid in the coop or run. Funny thing too is, I found the egg beside the ladder, which means it was moved. I went through the video feed and found that the hens rolled it around with their beaks.
Now that does surprise me.... If she sometimes lays in the nests, this is really unusual.

Why don't you post the video with info that she has been laying for 2 months under Chicken behaviors and Egg Laying.

If you do, please let me know, would luv t see what "the experts" say.

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