My Button Quail won't lay eggs, help?


9 Years
Oct 15, 2010
so i've had these two female button quail for about a year and neither have laid a single egg the entire time.
they have have a large cage and a lot of hiding places. i feed them seed as well as fresh fruits an veggies, meal worms, and oyster shells with grit mixed in.
the area is warm and away from the busy and noisy parts of the house so i dont think theyre stressed, but one of them has her back feathers plucked off

if anyone could help me with this that'd be awesome
If you can't post pics, at least describe what the bird looks like. That would help too. I'd say you've probably got 2 males, but can't say for sure without a picture or description.
yea (i'm away at college so no pics
) they are the regular wild variety and neither have the ring around their necks or any distinct coloration that i've seen the males have.
How much sunlight do they get every day? Make sure they get about 15 hours of light a day. Use artificial lighting if need be. Look for a bulb at 6500K (kelvins), a cool blue "daylight" spectrum light. If one of them is getting picked at, try giving them separate enclosures. Try feeding them game bird crumbles, in case they're missing something in their diet. Also, fortified baby cereal did the trick for some of mine. I think it must have been some vitamin deficiency. I had one that hadn't laid by three months. I gave her a separate enclosure and some baby cereal (dry) and she started laying the day after I gave her the cereal.
So they have a barred look to them? If they are inside make sure they are near a window, though out of direct sunlight. Their feed should be at least 20% protein, though 24-28% is better. They also need calcium such as ground oyster shells.

Is it possible they are laying and eating the eggs? I've never had one go that long before starting to lay.

ETA: I have 9 or 10 male buttons that need a new home if you want some boys to go with your girls
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