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Feb 21, 2009
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They are really pretty , they already try to fly away and can buzz sevrel inches and the are only 12 days old or so and still have fuzzy tummies.
Just gonna ask if the feathering they have is gonna stay or if it will molt into something else? Some are white with carel splotches and some look black with chocolate speckles kinda like a black barred rock iwth with speckles , Im wondering if Ill get lucky and the choclate speckled looking ones will stay that color .
I got pictures of my buttons that I hope will show there coloration enough to have someone help me out with what color they are , and Im hopeing somone will answer my question about wether they stay this color or molt into an adult plumage.

Here is one

and a diffrent color this one is black with brown or maybe brown with black all I konw its a neat pattern and coloration Im hopeing it stays this way but Im guessing not

here is my white with carmel type splashes or off coloring


and the one I think is just white but I am open to corrections


any ideas would be welcome , sorry for the crappy quaility , cheap camra phone pictures just dont cut it , not to mention a 4 year old jumping on the bed I am sitting on while tryin gto keep ahold of the spaztic little buggers while a cat drools at my feet
The first one is a redbreast, and if it's a female, it could stay that color. If it's a male, it for sure won't.

I'm not very good with young birds' colors, I'm better with babies! But most likely they will all change. It's hard to say with the 'white' one if it is actually white, or possibly ivory. I know I have hatched a few white ones from my eggs, at least 1 each time.

Do you have baby pics, of before they started getting their feathers?
In the first pic, it's hard to say what the ones in the corner are, not enough light there. But the one that is red is a cinnamon blueface, that's what the ones I have looked like as babies. There is one in the top right, kind of yellow with spots? That is your redbreast, I would almost guarantee it. The yellow one up top (R), and the one in the bottom look like they might be whites, I can't see any stripes on them. But if they are ivory, they would have just had a grey tint to the fluff on their heads, so it's hard to see that in a pic. Were any of them really dark? Like almost black looking, with no stripes, and maybe a white spot under their chins? If so, they would be bluefaces. Any that were dark with light brown stripes would be normal wild, and ones with dark brown stripes would be red breasted. I believe the 'spotted' one you have is a red breasted pearl, aka Darth Vader, as I have one hen like that, and she was spotted as a chick. I have 2 redbreasted males, and they were both dark (black) with dark brown or red stripes. There was a difference between them and the 2 wilds I had.
The older ones look like red breasted looks like it is going to be light so it would be called "golden red breasted or darth vader"
#2 looks like a golden pearl hard to see for sure could be a blue face # 3 looks like cinnamon or ivory

When they get older it will be easier to tell
These aren't the ones from my eggs already are they? I don't have any that are just one color, they are cinnamon silver, cinnamon blueface, redbreasted pearl, cinnamon ivory, and some that idk what color they are!! I do have one male DF blueface, and a male DF silver, and a male wild, but the hens are all mixed colors. So it's hard to say what exactly you've got!
I think something like 13 or 14 or so are yours and then the rest were ether kellyHM or rizq 's . I dont remmber much about them as babies life is pretty hectic , can anyone tell me how old they will be when they have there adult coloring.
Shelly do you mean yours are mutts? Not being derogatory just wondering if you mean mixed , I know nothing of the genetics of quail or anything about there coloring .

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