My chick can't use it's legs!!!!!HELP PLEASE


6 Years
May 2, 2013
We recently hatched an Aseel chick. It hatched two days ago and it hasn't walked since. It lives with its mom and is constantly under her for warmth ontop a bed of newspaper. I recently found out the newspaper can be bad for the chick and cause straddle leg but after some research I don't know if that is what's wrong with the chick. The chicks legs don't move and stay at her side near her face. It basically just waddles around on its butt and has its wings spraled out all the time, and it chirps a lot too. Is this due to the newspaper or is it something else! I don't know what to do for it! We have experience with other chicks and chickens and have NEVER seen anything like this??

EXTRA INFO: It was hatched under a silkie chicken and brought in from another chicken ranch with some other eggs the other ones didn't make it? We think because the drive from the ranch to here was so long that they didn't stay warm enough. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US! I fear for the poor baby's life if it can't even stand. WHAT SHOULD I DO???

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