my chick eggs are chirping but not moving or making a hole!!!


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Apr 18, 2013
Hi. My chick egg is on day 21 and it is chirpping but not moving. Is it supposed to move? Is it going to make a hole soon? Should i help it out? It has been chirpping for about 15 hours and nothing has happened. the chirpping is not constant though, only every few mins or hours. what do i do??????????????

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all chicks do not hatch in precisely 21 days. If the incubator was too cool they will be later, and too warm they may hatch sooner. There are some differences among the breeds as well. Seramas and Icelandics seem to hatch earlier. Hatching is hard work, even after a chick pips(makes the first opening in the egg) it may take several hours for them to start "Zipping, where they work around the egg making holes(sort of a zipper look) and eventually try to push away from the shell..

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