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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by autumn11, Sep 11, 2011.

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    Jan 17, 2011
    I have a chick and she just started to lay eggs and she has not been introduced to my other chickens and her cage is way to small for her she does not have a lot of room to walk and I can't let her out we don't have a fence out side and people let there dogs out I have lost 3 chickens because of that so what is the best way to introduced her to the chickens

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    Where do the other chickens live - their own cages or a coop and run, or an ark/tractor?

    If you don't have a fenced in yard & want to give your chickens some outdoor time, you may want to buy one of those portable wire exercise pens that fold up. Extended, they are a big topless, bottomless, wire octagon. Of course, you would have to be present while your chickens were in them b/c as a portable pen that just sets on the ground, it is certainly not dog-proof. Loose dogs are a huge pet peeve of mine & when my neighbor decided to let their tiny dog run loose & it chased my chickens in my yard into their pen & pulled out their tailfeathers, I started building a fence around part of my yard the very next day. If you want your chickens to have time together outside of a cage, you may want to look into building a fence or pen.

    If your other chickens live in a run/coop/tractor/other confined area, the best approach will depend on the number of chickens your girl will be introduced to, and the cohesiveness of that group (if the same gang has been together a long time, their order will be well-set and they may be rougher as new birds "break into" the established pecking order. The breeds could be important, as some breeds are flightier, more or less aggressive, etc.

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