My chicken Adventure!

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Last year I started chickens, catching them from my neighbors feral hens they had let loose. I did a little research, and fed them chick starter, and then just sold them. I wasn't allowed to keep any, but this year, I decided that I wanted to start selling eggs! I went to my local feed store, and my first trip I picked up two EE pullets, Dukie and Chipmunk, and also added a buff orpington, Clementine. After deciding that poor clementine wae a misfit with the two brown chicks, I went back, and got her another BO, named pigion.

    After they were settled in for about two weeks, we heard word that the store had gotten RIR! We rushed there, picked up our first RIR infinity, a black sexlink Banner, and a 3 week old Maran named tamber ( the friendliest besides chipmunk ) and left with that. My mother was told I wasn't getting anymore. Then, my dad was out fishing, in the middle of no where, and wala a little mutt mystery chick appeared. He brought him home, and we nursed him back to health, introducing what we are hoping to be a rooster, Mr artesian! After a few days, we decided he needed a friend, so we headed back to the feed store ( chicken math! ) and got him a little "RIR" chick, paisley. We suspect she isn't a rir because she is lighter in color, and has more white

    I'd add pictures, but BYC doesn't agree with my phone ^^

    I'll keep updating about how things are going! And maybe someone can help with the image issue lol

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