My chicken can't get rid of diarrhea


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
One of my chickens has constant diarrhea and she has pulled all her feathers out in a row from the vent the whole way down. Is there anything I can do to help her?


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Jul 24, 2013
How old is she? Have you ever wormed her? What breed of chicken is she? What do you feed her? Please answer those questions; they should give me more information as to what might be wrong.

Without knowing any more about her, this is what I would do: Separate her from other birds, give her some vitamins or probiotics in her water (or just plain yogurt), check her for mites/lice, and possibly worm her.


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Nov 18, 2010
Taneytown MD
First, let me say it is difficult if not impossible to diagnose a sick bird on the internet. The proper way to obtain a diagnosis is to consult a poultry professional. Several things contribute to diarrhea: disease, parasites, water intake. intestinal disease, renal disease. For starters are you sure the bird has diarrhea. I have had clients who think the bird has diarrhea only to discover the bird was infested with Northern Fowl Mites. Since your bird has denuded itself around the vent you may be dealing with mites. Is this the only bird you have that has diarrhea? Do all the birds have diarrhea? regardless, you may be dealing with coccidiosis. Collect a fecal sample and take it to your veterinarian or state diagnostic lab. Tell the vet you think your birds may have coccidiosis. Or you can mail me the feces and i will examine them for coccidiosis. Coccidiosis may lead to necrotic enteritis which is caused by a Clostridial organism. The gut mucosa will become necrotic; villi will atrophy resulting in very poor feed absorption and diarrhea
How about the salt content in your feed? If it is too high, the birds will flush,i.e. drink a great deal of water.
Infectious bronchitis has serotypes that affect the kidney possibly resulting in diarrhea.
Check your basic sanitation and cleaning procedures. Birds may get a severe case of Salmonella characterized by diarrhea.
This is a short list of potential problems. Check them out thoroughly one-by-one.
Josh Hatkin DVM

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