My chicken is about 17 weeks old and she started to fall over and lays down alot. Weak legs. She has


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Aug 3, 2016
Can you get a closer shot of the bump on her face? Sinus infection from mycoplasma (MG) or coryza can cause facial swelling, and nasal and eye drainage. Have you added any new birds to your flock recently that might have exposed her to something? Tylan or oxytetracycline may be used to treat MG or coryza.
hi there. I think I didn't respond correctly last week. However some information is now different. Her bump on the face has gone away and we have gone to the vet (which they didn't know what was wrong with her) but they didn't think it was respiratory and therefore didn't need antibiotics. She really only had a tiny runny nose once and I heard her sneeze once as well. She hasn't gotten better and maybe even a little worse. I put her back with the flock which seemed to help her to not lay around all day. Any suggestions? The vet was leaning towards Marek disease.
She will still run with the other chickens and walk around and doesn't seem in pain but still is very unstable and lets me hold her with no fight which isn't like her. This brakes my heart seeing her like this.

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