My chicken Sunrise's Diary


Good Morning!
10 Years
My name is Sunrise. I have two sisters, Susan and Selena, three cousins, Midnite, Autumn, and Auroura, and five neighbors. I am the oldest of my two sisters. Susan is a few hours younger (we were hatchmates) and Selena is a year younger. Today we had a visit from a flock of wild turkies. They are larger then two chickens put together, and they scare me a little. Selena will run and hide when she sees them. I try to talk to them, but most of them don't speak chicken. But today one of them did. He asked me where there was food to be found, and I told him about a few good foraging places. I wish I spoke turkey. Our barred rock neighbor can speak a little songbird, and I want her to teach me. It would be nice to talk to the local sparrows, many of whom I'm starting to recognise.
Today the turkies came again. Food has been scarce since the first snow, and I tell them of the good foraging places. I want to tell them where our scratch is, but that is our main food source, so I don't want to depleate it. Today we got some delicious apple cores. We had church service today, with our cousins and our neighbors. We sang "I've got the joy down in my heart" and "the B-I-B-L-E" . I invited the turkies to join us, but they don't speak chicken, Selena is afraid of them, and they don't fit through the pop door.
Susan wants her and me and Selena to learn some carols to sing this Christmas. That sounds fun.
cute!! Please write more! Such a fun thing to read! I hope reading this could become one of those thing i do everyday!

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