My chicken was attacked by my dog

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Yesterday, my chicken was attacked by my dog. She is now limping and doesn't fully sit down. She's kind of "low-standing," and when she runs or walks, she limps. I felt around for broken bones, but couldn't find any. She didn't seem to be in pain when I was poking around. She can curl and uncurl her toes. She's eating a little bit and drinking water. I just hope her hip isn't broken. Does anyone know the signs of a broken hip? Here are her symptoms:

    -no puncture marks or wounds on her body
    -Can curl/uncurl toes
    -Doesn't fully sit down
    -can walk and run, but is limping terribly

    I've isolated her in a nice, warm place with food and water. I feel so bad for her, poor thing.

    Thank you.
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    Apr 3, 2011
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    It sounds like she is sitting on her hocks or elbows. Can you confine her to a crate or basket to rest the leg or hip? Offer her some scrambled egg, tuna, or chick feed with a little water in it to get her to eat. B Complex vitamin tablet crushed in her food or water would help--once a day. Broken bones or sprains can take 2 or more weeks to heal, and the less she moves around the better at this point. A chicken sling later may help.

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