My chicken with a prolapse :(

Chicken Boy1234

6 Years
Mar 31, 2013
So, I recently got 6 new chickens, they all acted normal for the first day. I went to feed the chickens the following morning and everything was fine. I got 5 eggs. We then went down at about 3:30 to play with them. I noticed, when we were playing, one of the chickens had blood near its bottom, I knew this wasn't right so I picked it up and found that there was a prolapse. We went and got honey and anti bacterial liquid as we found out what to use on the internet! We picked her up and covered her head in a big red blanket, to calm her. We gently dabbed some antibacterial liquid onto the prolapse and then gently smothered the prolapse with honey. We successfully got it back in, we then looked away at the cockerel crowing and quickly looked back, there was a big squidgy egg now on the floor. We took the hen home in a cat carrier with some straw in it and gave her chick crumbs and fresh water. The next day (today) we looked at the prolapse and it had shrunk a little. Just now we have let her go free in the garage and cleaned it free of any poop, we also smothered it in honey. She appears lively and happy. What should we do next? I would be VERY grateful if you answer!
I am not a professional at all i am just a chicken lover. Please keep in mind that i have never had this happen to any of our chickens so my advice may be useless but i feel bad not to try and help out at all. I'd say to keep a very good eye on her and make sure she remains warm. If you see her shivering you need to warm her immediately until she stops shivering and stays warm. If the prolapse looks worst or bigger i'd say to put some more honey on it.

Hope i helped! If someone gives you completely different advice please ignore me because i am not experienced when it comes to any diseases or injuries as we have never had anything happen like this happen before in amongst our flocks.

- well, Goodluck! Hope your chooky gets better soon!
Gosh - have you tried posting this in the medical section - they might be more helpful. On the other hand, it sounds like you're doing the right thing. Maybe just keep her resting for another day? The big danger will come when it's time to lay another egg. Best of luck!
Thanks for the advice (to be honest, I didn't even know there was a medical section!) and I'm not looking forward to the egg business again. The prolapse seems to be getting smaller every one or two days so fingers crossed! I'll carry on gently smothering honey on it.

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