My Chicken with a Swollen Foot


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Aug 11, 2019
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I have created another post about this but I took better photos,I’m new to this and I’m sorry if I’m not doing it right, please if anyone else suggest anything else I will do, I have soaked it in epsom salt but idk if that’ be in of, I have poked his foot with a needle to see if any pus would come out but nothing, either I wasn’t doing it right or didn’t hit the right spot. He is missing a toe if you’re wondering. Thank you


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Try soaking the foot in warm Epsom Salts water for 30 mopinutes a day to see if it helps the bumblefoot, so then you can try to get the pus out. It may take an incision with a sharp tool, such as a scalpel or exacto knife. You may have to sqeeze a bit as well.

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