My Chickens Are Afraid of Beet Leaves


In the Brooder
Jan 25, 2016
So today I decided to give my chickens the beet leaves my mom was going to get rid of. As usual my chickens all crowd by the coop door when I come out, but as soon as I put the plate down with beet leaves on it they all run to the other of the coop screeching. For a few minutes my chickens just stood there. When I took the plate out, they all slowly started moving around again. I also picked up a leaf to see if my little Captain Phasma would eat it, but she ran too.

Has this happened to anyone else? I would think the chickens would like the red stemmed leaves....
They will get used to them and adore them. Try shredding them up smaller at the beginning and tossing them around. Are your birds young? They sound a little like hysterical teenage chickens.

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