My chickens are lost. Not sure what to expect.

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    Aug 27, 2013
    We have seven girls. Two of them have been gone since some time yesterday afternoon. My husband and I looked for them for about an hour last last might, and this morning we went around to all the neighbors and asked them to look out for them -- 2 of 3 have chickens themselves, so they will help. They are very tame birds -- but the two that we can't find are not the brightest bulbs in the belfry.

    Our girls are free range during the day, and they come back like clockwork about 6 p.m. Except for the two last night. They spend most of the day around the yard, and some time on the woodlot next door, and some in the conservation land where there is deep cover. Once in a while they get across the fence and into the verge.

    Yesterday a town employee called police and told them the chickens were actually on the pavement. We have never seen them do this, but whatever. The police detective came over and says he spent 10-15 minutes trying to herd them back into their pen and had to give up (he's a nice guy). He did see all seven. We were out at the time.

    So if these two not-too-bright girls got freaked by the officer (he said they were very funny, and mellow, but stubbornly didn't want to go to the pen), and went too far to make it back home to roost, do they have a homing instinct? Could they be lost, or is that unlikely?

    We have searched everywhere, a few times now -- no trace of feathers anywhere, no carcasses -- nothing.

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    If they have been free range all their life, they almost certainly know their way home, which means a predator has probably taken them. Sorry.

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