My Chickens ate a mushroom from the lawn could be poisonous.. Help

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    May 25, 2010
    Hi I Live in Australia N.S.W Ive been away on holidays i came home this morning to find mushrooms throughout the lawn, i believe these could be poisonous but im not completely sure. i picked all of them out and threw them away, but it appears my two lovely chickens have eaten the top of one... they seem alright at the moment and im not sure when they could of eaten them (ive been away for a week, and my parents wouldn't have noticed)

    i was just wondering what sort of symptoms i should look out for in-case they are poisonous, and if they start showing any what should i do.

    thankyou any info would help stop me worrying so much, i love my girls so much.

    p.s sorry im not sure what breed they are im new to this, they are under a year old but are laying fine, all i can tell you is they are the average brown chicken that everyone around here has :|

    thankyou sammy. x
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    Apr 12, 2010
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    Well, I am not sure what you have down there, but up here we have an agriculture extension service that you can call up at any time and ask about nearly anything related to agriculture/outdoors in general. If you have a similar service down there you could probably send pics of the mushrooms and see if they are poisonous.

    Chances are your birds will be fine. I have all sorts of random mushrooms growing all over and have never had a problem. But really, symptoms could vary between mushrooms- perhaps choking, coughing, and perhaps discharge from the mouth or diarrhea could be some symptoms. Not really much you can do that I know of. Even in humans poison is usually dealt with by stomach pumping, which would be difficult to do because of a chicken's different physiology. But really, anything could have picked off that mushroom.

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