My Chicken's First Winter


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Jul 7, 2018
This is my first winter with Backyard Chickens raising backyard chickens. In April, we had gotten six Easter Egger Hens. They remain all healthy and happy. Being pet birds, I have went over the top to make their lives great. I keep them in a chicken tractor so they have daily fresh grass. Now that winter is here, I wanted to be able to keep things clean and warm.
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Oct 7, 2014
Beautiful birds! I love bearded chicken breeds. Do they lay colored or tinted eggs? My first EE was a hatchery chick that was gifted to me by a family member and she layed and cream colored egg. I was kinda disappointed with the egg color but, I wasn't surprised since she was from a hatchery. I have a few young EE mixes that I hatched myself and the eggs that they came from where a very pretty blue, so hopefully some the hens will have that same egg color.

I live in Florida so I don't have to deal with anything winter related unless I have really young chicks outside on a particularly cold night. Most chickens can deal with below freezing temperatures quite well I believe. The biggest thing is to stop drafts witch I see you have already done. I obviously have no experience in the winter department so this is all second hand information that I have never done before. But, I think your doing a pretty good job!

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