my chickens have a cold in August?

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    Jul 7, 2013
    My 10 week old chickens have been sneezing ever since they were day old chicks. Now, I've noticed it much more and their poop appears to be green and liquidy. Today one of my EEs was very lethargic until I stirred everybody up. She still just wanted to sit and rest. I started them all on medicated feed when they were chicks. What do you think this could be symptoms of? What kind of medications or supplements do they need? Thanks
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    hey, so with my experience with this the vet always gives meds for them. its usually, exactly what you said, a cold. if you have a local aviary vet I would suggest taking one in and telling the vet that the rest of the flock have the same symptoms. from there she/he can give you enough to treat everyone. the cold medication always works for my hens so they should be just fine after being treated.
    I believe the last time my hens had a cold it was around spring time so don't worry about it being summer.
    I could be completely wrong about them having a cold as it may be allergies or what not, but from what it sounds like that would be my guess.
    best of luck to you!

    <3 kelsey
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    Chickens do not get "colds". They get respiratory diseases or infections, some of which can be quite serious. You said that your chicks have sneezed ever since you got them; what type of bedding are you using? If using cedar woodshavings or dusty sawdust, that could explain the sneezing.

    However, you are now noticing droopiness. This is a sign that it may be a respiratory disease, not something from the enviroment. The green droppings are occurring because your chickens are not eating enough, anther sign of sickness.

    Have you noticed any blood in the droppings? Lethargy is one symptom of Coccidiosis. The medicated feed that you have been feeding them is supposed to aid in the prevention of this disease, but does not always. If you notice more symptoms like bloody diarrhea or sleepiness, it might be Coccidiosis.

    As of now, it seems like your birds have a respiratory disease. I'd get some Oxytetracycline (like Tetroxy HCA-280, LA200, Terramycin, or Duramycin). Oxytetracyline can work in curing a respiratory disease, unless it is viral.
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    Sneezing since day one tells me that it's something environmental, possibly fungal. Environmental problems can be corrected or eliminated. If it's fungal, misting birds with oxine should take care of it.
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