My Chickens keep going blind???


11 Years
Sep 2, 2011
I have some Rhodies that I adopted about three years ago from a trash-out that are going blind.
They seem to be in good health but this is the second one in the last 6 months that has gone blind over night.
They do well following the others but eventually die.
Could there be something in their water or should I be giving them certain vitamins to prevent this?
They seem to be older birds but it seems weird that they just go blind in a day.
Any insight would be appreciated.\\

I do not know but will bump you back up as Iwould be interested in seeing what others say. I had a bantam hen that went blind, then had an egg become stuck then developed vent gleet and then died. It took her getting an egg stuck for me to realize she was blind but I too think it happened rapidly. I don't know how old she of those I got her from them, who got her from Aunt so and so who got her from grandma.....
Im not sure why, but when I took care of my neighbors chickens, one of her roosters went blind overnight. His eyes got cloudy and everything. The only thing I think she did wrong (besides blaming me
) was she was still feeding adult birds chick food. Im not sure if its related, but if it is, theres another clue for you. Good Luck.

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