My chickens moved their eggs...How?


11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
Northern California
Ok so my girls have been laying in the far corner of the coop. All of them seem to wait their turn and they lay all in the same place. There are several nice nesting boxes for them to use but so far they have not. Sooooooooo today i noticed that yes there were two eggs in one of the nesting boxes.
There were four eggs still over in the corner though. So i took them and i stuck them in the other nest boxes. I thought maybe this would give them the idea they needed to be in the nest boxes instead of in the far corner.

I went out later to get those eggs out of the nest boxes and THEY WERE ALL IN THE MIDDLE OF MY COOP ON THE FLOOR. All laying neatly together. I do not know how they did this. I was the only one home today so i know no one went in there and took those eggs and put them in the center of the coop.

I almost posted this is one of the ghost threads because it really freaked me out!!!!

Have your birds moved eggs like that?


11 Years
Aug 15, 2008
Yep. Mine have done it several times. They roll the eggs with their beaks. I tried to get them to lay in other boxes but they always move the fake eggs back to their preferred box. Silly girls.

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