My chickens so far


Mar 27, 2017
Midland Texas
Today my chickens are 13 weeks old. I started with 10. Two died within the first couple days. They were small and weak and some of you might have been able to save them, but I am new to chickens and didn't have the knowledge or probably the time to spend nursing them back to health. Of the 4 others that I no longer have, 2 were probably hens, and I am fairly sure the other 2 were little roos. They disappeared, one by one, 3 or 4 days apart, each. I didn't know what was happening. After the third one went, I went out and bought a nest camera to see what was going on. I got a nice video (which I am not sharing) of a feral cat jumping my 6.5 foot fence and running off with a chicken. It was 9 weeks along then. I have since completely enclosed my side yard so nothing can get to them.

It is a little more than 7 feet tall, 20 feet long and 7 feet from sidewalk to side fence. I know lots of people don't trust chicken wire, but I don't have to worry about dogs (as they still have to get in my yard) or other big predators. I just worry about that darned feral cat. That is a standard Tractor Supply chicken coop inside the big run.

That is all 4 of them. Pretty sure all 4 of them are pullets, and I have been told that 2 are orpingtons and the other 2 (the red ones) no one agrees about. Some say production reds, some say rhode island red, some say new hampshire reds. I honestly don't know.

Above is to the live video from my coop, where I pretty much constantly watch my chickens while I work.
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