my chickens think there PIGS


May 10, 2015
OK, so I've got 6 chickens,
Ive got a 5pound feeder,
I filled it up in the morning, and while i was working on there coop,
they ate ALL 5 POUNDS of feed in 4 hrs,

when do i feed them and how much?


morning and night?

do i put the feeder out in the pen? in the morning?
and feed them again inside at night?

some pics for you

thank you for helping out a newbeeee

You have a very nice coop and your girls look happy and healthy! Just had to say that first... :)

Now, it looks like your run is very small, especially for 6 full sized hens... do you let them out to free range at all or do you keep them enclosed all the time? If they can free range, then they will hunt up bugs and greens and such to supplement their feed, but if not then they need to always have access to feed. Generally, it is good to supplement them with veggies and fruits. They do tend to eat a lot first thing in the morn and again in the evening before they roost for the night.
Hanging a head of cabbage in their run or coop can give them a healthy snack and keep them occupied for a bit too.
Hope this helps, and good luck! :)
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THANK YOU, Im having fun with it, the Girlfriend calls it the "chicken-condo"

I just brought them home on monday, and was told to keep them locked up for a week,
and yes, the side of the outside pen will open so i can clean it and let them roam around,

i put in a half head of coliflour and 2 hamberg buns last night,

so do i give them feed Morning then at night?
Yes, morning and night is good, just watch the breads as they really aren't good for them... wise to keep them in til they know where home is... their food intake will slow down once you are able to let them out, so just bear with the little piggies, lol... also, I have a few of those hens and for some reason they always tend to 'act starving' when you bring them food... just let them tell you how you are doing, by that I mean watch their weight and their feathers etc... if they aren't losing weight and looking good, they usually are... chickens will hide illnesses and issues, but watching their weight and behavior will tell you a lot about them... :)
Did you get the typical 5 pound hanging feeder? Is it hanging or on the ground? Are you feeding pellets, crumbles or mash? I suspect they pushed the food out. Even six meaties won't eat 5 lbs of feed in that short time.
im feeding them pellets
and i just hung the feeder up off the ground,
8 inches,
how high off the floor should it be ?
The bottom of the feeder should be at the chest height of your smallest bird. 8 inches seems a bit high. You don't want them knocking it around trying to get the feed out, just high enough so that they don't try to scratch the feed out onto the ground. Feed should be available all day long to ensure that everybody gets their fair share. Chickens don't eat at night so no need for feed in the coop over night.
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