my chicken's vent is swollen and a little bit red.HELP

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  1. targaryen9

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    Aug 6, 2015
    My 4 month old Wyandotte pullet has a swollen vent and i also realized there is some dried blood there(maybe her trying to clean it and she got it irritated). She isn't lethargic but not as active as before and she eats and drinks properly. I tried looking for some parasites but i didn't see anything. The weird thing about it, it happened overnight.

    Please, if anyone knows something I would appreciate it. I feel bad for her and I want to do the best i can for her[​IMG]


  2. jranee

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    Nov 9, 2015
    clean around the area. it looks kinda like some sort of parisite like mites you could dust her with sevens dust and hope that works
  3. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    She may have a prolapsed vent. Can you lubricate it with some honey, hemorrhoid cream, or a lubricant, and try to push the tissue back inside so that it doesn't dry out? I would also put on a rubber glove while doing this, and insert a finger just inside the vent an inch or two to feel for a stuck egg (which sometimes can cause straining and a prolapse. She also could be constipated, so make sure the vent is clear. Is she passing droppings? Keep honey, sugar, or hemmorhoid cream on the tissue to help the swelling go down. She may have been pecked by other chickens if they saw the red tissue or blood.

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