My chickies first taste of pasta

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Apr 24, 2010
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They loved it!




The chicks look great, Chicken_S, and they look like they are loving that pasta! A newbie question here, 'cause I'm not really sure from what I have read. Is it safe to feed what looks like about 3 week old chicks anything other than starter feed? I'd love to feed my 4 1/2 week girls some treats, I just don't want to make a big mistake.

Beers y'all,
I am a newbie too, these are my first babies. I was told as long as I have chick grit available for them then the pasta is ok. They have been devouring scrambled eggs and oatmeal too.
How cute! They sure look like they are having a fun time with that pasta!

I was also wondering about treats - at what age can you safely feed nutritious treats (with grit available)??
My chickens go nuts for Raman noodles. They don't give a hoot about flat noodles. They only like the ones that look like worms.

Another thing they enjoy is following me around while I turn over rocks and boards. They go for them bugs found and will wait in anticipation for the rock to be flipped. When a big fat 6 inch centipede is found, look out. They will chase each other around the yard, trying to steal it from the other.

They can be quite entertaining.
I was told that at 2 weeks old they can have chick grit and treats. Mine will be a month old on Dec 4th and 7th. My chicks loved the spaghetti, it was hysterical! So far they have had oatmeal, eggs, bird seed, spaghetti, tomatoes and cabbage.

My little babies are only a week old so they are still on just the medicated chick starter.
I started feeding them some small treats from about 1 week, I also provided chick-size grit, appropriate for their small gizzards. My birds are doing great, they're 15 weeks this week and they're still going nuts for treats. Just make sure they get about 90% of their nutrition from the chick feed, don't overdo it with the treats.
LOL Pepur! I can't wait till my little ones can go outside so I can be their honorary rock flipper! I love it!

Thank you all for the treat info. It's tough to walk past the 'Rubbermaid brooder" to give my parrots treats...and to pass the chickies by as I head out the door with greens, veggies and cereal to surprise the guineas and swans with a snack. I'll start adding them to the list next week!

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