My chicks are being wiped out

Buremu Sarapio

Oct 3, 2020
2 months ago I removed all my vaccinated chicks which were around 2 to 4 weeks old from their mothers into the brooder & they started getting paralysed, rotating their necks & failed to eat in the end only 16 chicks out of 103 were left
I have been raising 100s of chicks in the same environment without problems
Then recently I hatched more chicks but decided to leave them with their mothers but still they all die in the similar way the others died, I have changed the feed supplier thrice so as to check different qualities, given them a corid,anti biotics, calcium plus vitamin supplements & even let them free range but they all seem to perish.
Please advise
What was the average age that the chicks got sick and died? Could your feed have become wet or moldy at some time?
They started dying 3 days into the brooder but now they start dying 5 days after hatching
My feeds are always free from moulds at least that I ensure by throwing away the mouldy ones

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