My chicks are hatching!!!


6 Years
May 27, 2013
A couple weeks ago I found a chicken eggs and its going into lockdown! It's wiggling like crazy and I see a shadow in the air sac! When should I expect it to hatch? Thanks:pop:woot
Within the next 24 hours if all goes well, though some take a bit longer. Good luck!
thanks but guess what!? it letrally just cracked the shell 7 hours after i posted this and then it hatched FULLY the next 2 hours in less than 20 minutes! and the moment it hatched it rested for a few minutes and then started chirping like crazy and lifting his head and trying to get out of the incubator! that is one strong chick! its yelloe with 2 black stripes and the pinkest legs ive ever seen! very well balanced!

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