my chicks are sick and dying and i cant figure out why


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Mills river, nc
hi all. i am a new chicken parent and i need some assistance. we bought 9 chicks from tractor supply mid march. took them home and have done everything we should. 3 of the chicks we got were Brahmas. in the past 3 days we have had 2 of them just up and die. i noticed today that our last brahma was looking a little twitchie and puffed up. while it was drinking water it also seemed to get choked and be throwing it back up. ive checked everyones poop and it is all normal consistency. they are fed starter feed and also have a large lot to graze for clover,grasses, and worms. ive been researching like crazy and cant find an answer. Any advice would be appreciated.
I'm new to this poultry stuff as well, they could be crop bound? I don't know if chicks can get it, its just a thought but don't think this is right as I'm knew (like I said!) Hope it gets better :)

Crop bound is where chickens eat long grass and occasionally there feathers which makes it get congested, they may be eating too much.
ive checked their crops and none of them are hard. ill check again in the morning to make sure they are all emptying out over night.

we havent p,aced grit out because they are in such a large lot. we thought just as you did that they would get enough while they were scratching and foraging. since the crops are not hard im not sure that this would be the problem.

i did call the store this afternoon to see if anyone else who had purchased the brahmas were having trouble as well. of course they said no. its just a little fishy since the rest of our birds seem to be feeling fine. only time will tell i suppose.

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