My chicks are vain!

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    I went into the chick's room with my camera to snap a few pictures of them, and they all came running over to the edge of the brooder and literally lined up and stood watching me. [​IMG] I didn't want to take them out because my one year old was "helping" me and I can't take pictures and make sure she's gentle at the same time.


    I just love these little chicks! They are so funny and come running whenever they see me, but I've never had them crowd up like that before except when I open the door. (Their brooder is quite a bit bigger than what you can see in the picture.)

    That's our little runt Splash-Laced Wyandotte with one of our EEs. My daughter loves the little runty one because she will just sit in our hands when we pull her out. She has even fallen asleep in our laps.

    Am I right in my suspicions that this is a roo? While there has been some debate in earlier posts I posted of my Lavender Orps about whether their age is correct, I'm fairly certain that they're 9-10 weeks old now. The breeder I got them from said all her Lavender Orps take a long long time to feather out nicely.

    That's the other Orpington. She has wattles too. Do hens get wattles like that? Her comb isn't as pink though. She's also bigger and has nicer feathering than the other.

    My two little Dorking crosses. Don't know what they're crossed with but they both have 9 toes. I call the one on the left Einstein because of her funky "hair" (which is starting to look more normal now, she had really crazy hair when we first got her).
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    I love that age! They are so cute. I can't tell the sex though. [​IMG]

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