My chicks didn't arrive... :(


6 Years
Aug 17, 2013
My chicks were due to arrive this morning after being hatched Monday and shipped Tuesday. I called the post office today and they looked up the tracking info and said they are not sure why they didn't arrive. They think the package is misplaced or there was an issue with one of the transportation vehicles. Crossing my fingers that they will arrive tomorrow morning before I go to work.

At this point, there will be nobody home with them for 10 hours. I will go pick them up in the morning, bring them home to put in the brooder and then I won't be back for 10 hours. Is there anything I can do to ease their transition?
I am in the same boat! I have an order from My Pet Chicken and the tracking said it was shipped on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, arrival at noon on Wednesday, Sept. 4th at Noon. I called the Post Office 3 times today and they have no idea what's going on. This is my 2nd time from MPC and the first time (last year in July) they arrived the next day by 10:30. I am worried but trying to stay calm. I hope you get your babies!!
Also, once you get them, immediately offer them water and food. Dip their beaks into the water a few times and they will know what to do. Have the brooder ready. By chance, are either of your other chickens broody? Especially you silkie. You can slip the babies under one of them at night and they will think they hatched their eggs. I was successful with two new babies and both my silkies about 6 weeks ago.
I wish the Silkie could take them but she is only 6 weeks. Crossing my fingers that they are there. I have some poultry drench on hand and I think I am going to put some in their water.
Everybody arrived alive! They are all drinking and eating, walking and peeping!

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