My chicks hate me...

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7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
I have three silkie chicks, they are adorable! But they hate me.
For the first couple days I left them alone to dry up, and get used to their surroundings. Then, like I usually do, I tried to get them familiar with me.
I did what I always do! I put my hand in the brooder box so they'll be familiar with it. I dipped my fingers in water and put it in their food so they'll peck food from my hand.
This always works like a charm with my other chicks! But these guys just huddle in the corner, and whenever I get too near to them they freak out and run to the other corner. This is the first time I've had chicks reject me like this

How do you guys get your chicks to like you?
The more contact you have with them the more accustomed they will become to you. All you can do is try. They all have different personalities. Mine are all the same breed and there are a couple of them that want nothing to do with being handled and two I can't keep out of my lap if I sit. If they are out free ranging none of them want to be touched.
Well, I took all three of them out (for the first time) and it didn't go well. I didn't know what I expected, for them to snuggle up with me and go asleep, but that didn't happen. They freaked out and pooped everywhere and tried to escape my lap!

Well, day 1 of bonding: Chicks 1 Me 0
My suggestion would be to take them out in the yard and play with them. As RonC said, the more you play with them, the more accustomed to you they will get. Put some feed or cheese in your hand and see if they come. The earlier you start this, the better. Good luck with your babies! :)
I was wondering the same thing. I'm new at this, so I read up before my last ones hatched and did the socialization thing step by step. Didn't touch them one whole week. I really think that was a mistake.
So, this new batch of 4 I am handling after day 1. Hopefully, they'll become like my free rangers and run towards me, cuz I'm the food lady.
My 5 Australorps were like that in the beginning. Every time i would open the brooder they would freak out and run willy nilly. But I never tried to grab at them unless I was checking them over. I didnt want them to hate the sight of my hands. I did however choose the breed for the docility and tameness. But at first they didnt want anything to do with me.

Now I can put my hand in there and at first they will peep and act scared but then they realize im not the big terror they thought i was. Many of them are running up to me now. I dont feed treats because I still havent had the chance to get to the pet store for worms, but we give cheerios now and again to give them something to mess with. There is one bird who is very placid and lets me hold her. She doesnt care for getting picked up at first but once she is in my lap she will lay quietly and look around.

I know it can be disappointing, but I believe that instinct is stronger with chickens at birth. From what Ive seen, they dont impress as easily as some birds or other animals might. However, let them get used to you messing around the cage. Do your normal routine of cleaning and watering and feeding. Eventually they will realize that its not as scarey as they are making it out to be. My birds are 4-5 weeks now and they are starting to come around. I talk to them all the time too. I will sit by the brooder and have little conversations telling them how pretty they are. they get used to my voice and the other sounds around the house. They are getting braver every day lol.
I realized my first batch was in a cardboard box for a brooder. no matter how much i got them used to my hands they never got used to it. the second batch i built a brooder with an open side so they could see you walking up to them. made a world of difference. the second batch is sooo very much less skiddish. at 5 weeks them will come running when they see me now. out of the first batch only 2 will come towards me and that is only if i have treats for them.
When they were small I would take them out to free range in their 4x8 run. I had to pick them up to put them in the box to take them to the run. Don't chase and scare them or reach down on them. Move slowly and they aren't as afraid. Talk quietly to them as you're handling them.Sit in the run with them and touch/pet them.Bringing them back in was easier for a while. I would just leave the box on it's side in the run and they would eventually go back to it. It was like their comfort area. After a couple of weeks it became harder as they weren't scared of being outside. I learned how to herd chickens then. If one didn't cooperate going in the box take the others in then come back and get the loner in a couple of minutes. It won't like being alone and learned to get in the box or else.
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