My chicks hate me!


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11 Years
Aug 29, 2008
Hogansville, Georgia
:lol:Okay I've had my chicks for almost a full week now and they really do not like to be picked up at all! I support their little legs and everything. I called my husband yesterday before I left from work and told him I was going to spend a little extra time in the coop and run with them in the evenings, maybe they would get a little more familiar with me. I get home and my husband is in the run doing a little work winterizing the coop a little better. (He doesnt work because he's disabled so is able to spend more time with all our animals.) So I stand there watching him on the ladder and low and behold the chicks start jumping up at him, he gets down and all the chicks run over to his legs and start following him around :mad:. They think hes the moma! Now I call him daddy chickenbutt!
. They were suppose to be MY chickens! Guess I'll have to eventually buy more and get my own coop. Boy whats a working women suppose to do?


14 Years
May 6, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area, EB
Get just one as your special baby. Take it to work with you and be with it as much as possible. Handle it, feed it and keep it near you. If possible, let it sleep the the house with you until it is about 3 months old:D
That is what I did with Chickie and she is my feathered human buddy. Its been difficult chicken-izing her!!!


12 Years
May 24, 2007
You just need to spend more time with them. They'll start to see you as Chicken Momma. So, keep holding them and sitting near them and talking to them, they'll come around.

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