my chicks just arrived


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Mar 31, 2008
hello just wanted to say I got my first chicks today! unfortunately we lost 8 of the twenty five that were ordered do to a screwup at the post office they arrived two days late. the rest seem to be doing fine now that they have had food and water and got warmed up, anyway just wanted to say thanks to byc for all the great info it really has been a big help
sorry to hear that you lost 8 chicks due to a messup,but so glad the 17 are doing real good.
I ordered them from MM they were shipped saturday and I didn't get them till late tuesday so they were pretty cold and stressed when I picked them up.They are RIR and doing well now chirping away in the brooder. This is the first time Im raising chickens so Im keeping my fingers crossed all works out ok.
Can you post some pictures of them? I love looking at everybody's chicks.
Hello airmom will post pics of them as soon as I figure out how to do it, may have to get my son to help with that lol
Welcome to the BYC and congratualtions on your chicks. Sorry you lost some in the shipping. Can't wait to see pictures!

For information on posting pictures, go to the index tab at the top of the page, then click on the FAQ's line. Under the FAQ there is step by step instructions on posting pictures. Hope this helps!
I'm sorry to hear about your 8 chicks that didn't make it. Did the PO give you a reason for them being that late? What kind did you get? I hope the rest of yours continue to stay healthy.
thanks for the warm welcome, the chicks all seem to be doing very well right now . I will try to get pics up soon hopefully by the weekend . The woman at the post office didn't really know why the chicks got delayed and I was just happy that any of them made it I really didn't press her for an answer.They are alot of fun to watch!!
You should've ordered from Ideal, I ordered and all the chicks from them came alive. They were shipped Wednesday of last week, and they got here Friday of last week. A couple of my yokohamas died, but that's because they are a fragile breed.
I have another order (of 25) that got shipped out from Ideal today!
Gosh I love chicks!

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