My chicks must be confused...I am.


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My chicks are 20 weeks old now and their internal clock must be telling them to lay soon. But the weather is getting colder...down to 40's at night so their "coming on to Winter" clock must be telling them to slow down on the laying.
I wonder which clock will win.
Any idea?
Sure, 25 watts would do.

Got any yard solar lights? You might be able to rig up something that just gives some light illumination until it runs out of juice in a few hours, then charges up again the next day. And so on and so forth...
I was wondering somewhat of the same thing. My chicks are just now 7 weeks old so won't be laying until at least late January but by then our days will be short. Should I give them the extra light now or wait until later? Will adding more light in the middle of the winter be a jolt to their clock or will they get used to it at that time?
I've decided to use a rope light. I don't think the Girls will be able to reach it; it won't be on more than 3 hours; our driveway here on the mountain is lined with rope lights all year - even in snow storms and in 10 years I've only had to replace them once.
I think for this small coop - it's the only thing that will work safely.
I use a timer that gives them 14 hours of light and adjust it accordinly. Currently it has a 75 watt florecent bulb that uses only 15 watts and is cool to the touch. Maybe that would work for your application. Lance
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