My chivalrous Roo is he too kind? And what does your roo do for his ladies?!

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  1. Hannah11

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Bluff, New Zealand
    I have a fantastic little roo... but I'm worried he's getting pushed around when it comes to food! he is perfect he catches his girls bugs and brings then to their feet! he warns of hawks a have seen no violent mating he even breaks up scrap foods for them, but when he's done that he gets pushed aside and gets none should i worry he's not getting enough feed or does he know what he needs?


    Anyone else have a perfect roo?

  2. jak2002003

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    Oct 24, 2009
    A good rooster will wait until the hens have all finish eating before he will eat his fill. So long as there is food available throughout the day, he will get enough.

    I have 3 rooster, each very different form each other. The 'boss' one is a real gentleman. He stands on guard over the flock watching everything going on. If the other rooster or chicks start fighting he will rush in and break it up.

    He loves the little chicks and 'mothers' them. He is often seen with a group of chicks walking behind him - we joke he is like a chicken school teacher for the young ones. He is also people friendly and loves getting petted. He takes tread off me really gently. He will make nests for the hens in the nest boxes and sit in with them as they lay eggs.

    Rooster no 2 is a typical average rooster. His faults are he is too rough with the hens when mating and will sneak up on one then jumpin on her. The hens will scream and not allow him to mate, and the boss guy will rush over and break it up. He is also mean to young chicks, often pecking them and I once saw him actually pick on up and hurl it across the run - before he got a battering off the chicks mum. (chick unharmed)

    The last rooster is the funny one. He very sick as a chick and nearly died. I had to nurse him back to health and he was so thin I used to feed him up on treats. Now he is very 'selfish'. Any treats he will gobble up and never offers them to the hens. He will even steal them off the hens. He will sneak into the pigeon coop after me and steal their food, and he will bite me hard and not let go if I pick him up. He is never aggressive to the hens or chicks and does not cause any trouble in the flock, but he could not care less about any other chicken except himself!

    They are all Japanese Bantams and are much loved pets.

    I love Roosters!
  3. sumi

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    That's a very pretty roo you got there! And he sounds like a total sweetheart. I wouldn't worry about his eating habits. Roosters need less food than the hens, since they don't have to produce eggs. He'll eat what he needs, don't worry. My roosters never ate much either and used to let the greedy hens have most of the treats on offer. Even if I fed them by hand. My top roo used to take the treats from my hand and drop it or hold it for the hens!
  4. Hannah11

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Bluff, New Zealand
    Haha jak your Roo (number1) sounds like a real gentleman! I think these boys might need their own gentlemens club....... Mine is the same with his chicks i caught him sleeping under a pile of them last night! (the mum has decided that she doesn't want them now) and I love how they guard the laying hens its so funny I always get a warning crow from him if I'm about to bother them!

    Number two sounds like a teenager! maybe he's just jealous he's not the top dog? haha i bet the hen gave him a right telling off for messing with her chicks!
    number 3 sounds sooooooo funny silly bugger probably "thinks" he's the top dog!
    I really think roosters are great their personalities are so funny and I could watch them strut a lllllll day, a couple of the chicks are roos they have just started chest bumping :p

    Aw sumi thats very sweet! I guess they do know whats best for them..... I aways want to give him treats in secret but thats not happening he calls the girls over right away :)

    Maybe i will start a gentlemen's club thread for roos!
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