My Cockerel Breathing Sounds Crackling?


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I wanted to know why my cockerel is breathing funny, he is fine eating, drinking and running about, but when i picked him up today i heard his breathing like a crackling sound, like as if flame is stuck in his throat? what could this be? also here and there he coughs really loud?

i gave all my hens and my cockerel flubenvet for 7 days all of them are fine, but the cockerel is breathing different, what could this be?
He could be having rales, which is a sound when there is mucous in the airways. It may be due to a respiratory illness, or if he has a very full crop, there could be liquid coming up getting into the airway. Sometimes when chickens are picked up, they can regurgitate liquid from the crop. I would listen to him at rest, and look for any other signs of respiratory disease such as nasal or eye drainage or crusts, foam in eyes, or any swelling around an eye or the face. Feel of his crop in case of sour crop or impacted crop, and especially in the early morning when it should be empty. Check for any dusty conditions, since it is common to cough at feeding time from dusty feed. Here is a list of common respiratory diseases such as mycoplasma (MG,) infectious bronchitis, coryza, and ILT:

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