My coop and handmade run!

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  1. Whitewinterwolf

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    Apr 11, 2011
    So...We cheated on the coop and bought one, but I made the fence all by myself [​IMG] (Hides the Fiancee)
    But, I figured I was brave enough to share my run and set up.
    Every panel was hand made and put together, including the run door, under the fence we have a hardwired cloth buried with mess over it, and the filled in a bit with dog poo. <---I had heard critters wont dig threw it, and well, we had plenty so why not try it right?
    Oh I almost forgot, the bantam coop is protected by the epic and un-bendable dog pen! Not T_T Were in the process of building a similar run for them so they can stay safe, were just putting the panels together along with the big runs roof [​IMG]
    The top, as I just mentioned, is not completed yet, but we semi hawk proofed it. The shade screen moves in the wind and deters them from diving down. Were going to be lining the top with hardwired cloth.
    The big coop I was told holds up to 20 birds, and our little coop that I bought off creg's list is my bantam coop where my Silkies like to hide, not sure how many that holds, but I dont plan on getting a lot.
    And then, around that fence is an acre and a half soiled chain link fence with big rocks lining the bottom so the dogs cant dig out.
    I put a kids play thing in there for the baby chicks to hide from the adults and surprisingly they all absolutely they LOVE it!
    Inside the run its mostly gravel and what used to be grass, is now dirt.
    So, what do you guys think? Good job? Or should I improve on anything?

    In all it took us a week to get every panel finished, and another week, going on a week and a half, to complete the roof!
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  2. SteveBaz

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    Aug 6, 2011
    Pacific North West
    Nice you guys. ItÂ’s not what it looks like at all. Its all about functionality. If it works you can always change what you do not like. Nice job.

  3. Whitewinterwolf

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Quote:So it doesn't look like we hand made it? I like the sounds of that! XD
    Im very happy it looks good, I was worried about it XD

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