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So after losing my entire flock, and waiting a few months, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. There was no way I could go an extra month without them, the fair threw me overboard. I talked to a nice man at the fair after figuring out that I wanted HIS birds, which were buff rock bantams. The hen won best clean legged single comb and his rooster was reserve. After talking I was given three, a trio for FREE. I had taken down my breeder pens and stopped building the coop/run combo coop. I just gave up. So now I had a week to do it all over again. The breeder pens were done on time, today I am finishing the coop.

My breeder cages are 5x2, and usually hold pairs. Yes, I know a lot of people hate birds being penned up, but they get to free range hours a day, and they are kept very clean. They each have a roost and nest box. The feeders and waterers are not hung up because I didn't want holes in my roof. The birds were in here for about a week before the coop was done. The fence is plasic, but the breeder pens are in a welded wire structure, that has three solid walls and an wire front. I only have 2 breeder pens, but can add more at a later time by building them beneath these.

Then I started back on the coop with the run. It's 5x3 with a 3x2 coop. The size is fine, Standards need 4 and 10, bantams need half, so I can have a maximum of three birds in here. The feeder and waterer hang in the bottom, the nest box will be external. No ramp because it's only a 2' jump. The height goes from 5 to 4. I don't have the pictures from building it, as I started months ago. The structure is 2x2s and then I just added the plywood. Yes it's chicken wire, but Willow sleeps with them outside, and it's in a chainlink pen to keep other dogs out. When budget allows, hardware mesh will be added. The paint color matches Willow Rose's eye
Walmart misstint was a blinding blue/white that we mixed with gray we already had. Color looks brighter because of the morning dew/sun. The coop was painted a few days ago, just painted the piece the goes over the run. This piece still needs to be trimmed and nailed down.














Yams, Ginger, and Pumpkin seem to approve!

Edited to add picture of main coop. This coop has two flower bed, not yet completed. We planted three astilbles and 4 daffodils on the left side that is in front (right angle bed along fence and open front) and planted about 20 daffodils on the side.
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Man! You really kicked it into warp speed. Good job. I see that the pups are very interested in the new members of the family.
Yep, Willow is used to them, she's been with them ever since she was a tiny thing, smaller than Zoey. Zoey wasn't here when we had chickens. She was found in the ditch and it was about three weeks after our last chicken died. We are very cautious, but she's handling them well. All our dogs do okay, but our terrier (not shown) chases them if they run, then just stands there when they stop, wondering what she's supposed to do now.
Wow, great Job! I just built my four breeder pens and converted my unused garage into the breeder coop. One for BBS, one for ameraucanas, one for Dellies, and one for "other". Are you breeding them to sell?
We will sell eggs and chicks, but I've never shipped eggs. I just got into chickens for my FFA project about 3 years ago. But yep, I'll have a friend check fertility and hatch rates and probably next spring/early summer start selling them. They should be ready for a show I am going to in December, so hopefully they'll place
Thanks for the concern. As acknowledged in my original post, I know chicken wire sucks, but it was on hand and the coop is inside chainlink and our dogs guard them.

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