My coop made almost entirely from scrap. :) PIC HEAVY


9 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Berthoud, CO
So last year my dad and I decided to (more like I talked him into) build a new chicken coop for a possible breeding project. To start off we went to various scrap yards and picked up windows, old fences for walls, and some leftover metal roofing from when we built a barn. The run is made out of sticks and twigs wrapped in fencing, which actually turned out pretty cool. We had it built up pretty quick because we had baby chicks and baby ducks who were being raised in the house and needed out! So finally after about a year, we have painted it, and are now planning out landscaping for a garden. :) So I went out and took some pictures today to share with you guys, it's kind of quirky so I think you all will like it!

It's 16' x 6' I believe, with three sections for now, two are 4' x 6', that usually are joined into a 6' x 8' but I've got a broody, so mama gets her own place to raise her babies. The other side is for my 3 EE roos who don't get along with anybody else.

Here's the broody side:
For right now she's closed inside because the runs aren't separated into sections, but when the babies hatch they'll be able to go outside with mama.

And here's my sweet little mama bird doing her job:
She's a Lavender Americauna that I hatched from a fellow BYCer. This is my first time letting a broody sit, and I bought some Butterscotch Call Duck eggs. :)

The other half of the left side, there's my handsome Blue Copper Maran! (Him and a BCM roo are in with the Lavender Americauna girlies).

Here's the boys' side:

And two of the boys, Rocky and Captain:

Hope you like it!
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I Love it. I wish we were able to build but my husband has no patience and I couldn't do it.
It appears to be VERY WELL BUILT ( and planned ).....especially since it was built of "scrap" materials !!!


It appears STRONG ENOUGH to endure those sometimes Tough Winters you occasionally get in Lyons, Colorado.

I HOPE that you gave your Dad a BIG kiss and hug !!!! ( Dads appreciate that ! )

Congratulations !

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